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Real Health Remedies Would Love To Post Your Content!

Requirements are as follows:

  • Posts must be a minimum word count of 500 words.
  • Content must be unique, well written with solid English grammar and not spun or software generated. The difference is obvious. We will check it in CopyScape.
  • Content must be related to the content on the site, which is about exactly what the domain says – health remedies. It can also be about health in general (i.e. health advice, healthy habits, medical news, etc.). Just check out the categories.
  • We understand the value of anchor texts, so we’re open to trying to make some tough ones work for you. However, we reserve the right to modify the content in order for it to make sense.
  • You can embed up to 2 links per post.
  • We will not link out to anything adult, gambling, religious, political, demeaning, or spammy.
  • You must link out to at least one authority site in the health/fitness niche (not Wikipedia).
  • You must include at least one stock photo or unique photo.
  • If you have a video from a channel directly tied to the site you are linking out to, we’d be happy to embed it into the post.
  • Posts must be submitted as a Google Doc.

Other Notes To Consider For Guest Posting

If your post has great content that we feel will be beneficial to our readers, we will post it through our social media channels which will further syndicate it through our IFTTT network.

If the content is just good, we’ll just post it on the site, and we may or may not state that this is a sponsored post in the content.

If the content is terrible, we will reject it.

If the content is superb and at least 1500 words, we will post it for free and give it more social promotion. We may even create an infographic out of it if the content is infographic worthy. We’ll do this because superb content is traffic worthy and we want to generate more traffic to our site. Please coordinate with us first before attempting to do this.

We are also looking for other sites who are allowing sponsored guest posts or are open to link trading if you have another site with decent metrics and traffic. Please contact us if you are interested.

Please submit your requests via the form below:

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