Sage for Skin Rashes


Sage – a universal folk ingredient, suitable for any type of skin. It is used as a lotion for the affected areas of the skin, in the form of a decoction for washing, as a basis for tonic or masks.

What can help sage:

  • removes cornified dry skin;
  • removes greasy shine;
  • struggles with inflammation;
  • relieves black spots, acne, acne;
  • smoothies out age wrinkles;
  • removes the morning puffiness;
  • gives the face skin a healthy color.

Tips for the care of facial skin with the help of sage:

  • To remove the inflammation, you can prepare a lotion with the addition of a tablespoon of aloe juice and an extract of propolis (10 drops);
  • Get rid of rashes, bring the skin into tone in the morning can be a decoction of sage, for this 5 tablespoons of dry herbs are steamed with a liter of boiling water, after cooling use the resulting broth for washing.


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