Nervous Tension Symptoms and Remedies


Most of us in our own experience know well what a nervous tension is . Everyone had to be nervous, while experiencing tachycardia , an acute sense of danger, a lack of air, as if a lump appeared in his throat …

All these are symptoms of classical nervous tension.

You can hardly imagine how many myths and prejudices surround this seemingly familiar topic to each of us. Because of them, it often becomes difficult for us to distinguish the truth from delusions.

So what is the nervous tension really? Many of us are well aware of its symptoms, but very few people know what they are hiding.

1. Nervous tension is not considered a disease

Often we consider nervous tension a disease, because it can permanently knock a person out of the rut.

Experiencing a nervous crisis, people can scare us with their actions . Very often, others are not able to understand the motives and actions of such people.

But this does not mean that nervous tension can be considered a disease.

  • Although such seizures are difficult to control and can be observed frequently, they do not cause disturbances in the functioning of the human body . The same goes for his emotional sphere.
  • The only thing you need to do in this situation is to learn how to practice a series of strategies that can cope with nervous tension so that it can not control our life.

2. Can I die?

Stress and nervous tension can cause us panic thoughts about death. Sometimes our throats contract for nothing and we can not breathe well.

Remember that such thoughts can only worsen the symptoms. Because of them, you will suffer even more. Your body reacts in this way to danger, but it’s hard for you to understand exactly what it is.

  • It is worth bearing in mind that neither the nervous tension nor its symptoms can kill a person. It’s just your feelings.
  • You will not stay without air, your throat will not close.

3. This is a natural reaction to the threat

Indeed, nervous tension is a natural reaction of our body to threatening situations that carry a danger to the lives of our loved ones and ourselves. Surely, each of us had to deal with this.

But in some cases this mechanism fails.

So, often our nerves begin to play pranks for no apparent reason, and our reaction to the problem is exaggerated. It is in this case that we are talking about pathology.

The fact is that in such a situation nervous tension does not save our life, but only brings inconvenience. When this happens, you need to study our pathological reaction to find out what exactly causes fears in us, with what kind of problem we can not cope with in any way.

4. Nervous tension greatly changes our personality

Although at first glance this is not very noticeable, nervous tension lays a serious imprint on our personality . It programs our body for a certain kind of reaction to dangerous situations and problems.

  • As for our spiritual sphere, the nervous tension causes images and thoughts that not only make us act, but also develop a strategy for salvation.
  • At the same time, nervous tension affects our physical condition. Our whole body, including the musculature , strains to follow the signals of our brain at any time to flee, hide …
  • Our physiological state also undergoes changes : the rhythm of cardiac contractions increases, sweating increases, we have headaches or digestive disorders.

Our body is actively preparing to confront the dangers in order to better respond to the threat.

What happens in situations where there is no real danger? Obviously, at such a time all these processes turn out to be meaningless.

5. Over time, our health does not stand

Since nervous tension is a natural reaction of our body to danger, it can not seriously undermine our health.

But this does not mean that this problem can be ignored. Life in constant stress has a negative impact on the state of our health.

Sooner or later, nervous tension leads to a weakening of our immunity , the appearance of depression, insomnia and even a short-term loss of memory.

To solve this problem at the root, it is necessary to discover the causes of the appearance of nervous tension. As we have already said, this reaction is necessary for our body in extreme situations, but not in everyday life. In the latter case, this does not do us any good, only problems.

When we close our eyes to such symptoms, drown them with drugs or just sit back, nervous tension continues to be our companion.

Remember that this problem will not disappear by itself, unless you take action.

It is very important to discover its roots in order to find out what exactly triggers such a reaction in us.


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