How to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally


The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body. When it doesn’t function to its fullest potential, the other systematic organs tend to get out of whack. Poor blood circulation, of course, makes it much harder for the heart to do its job. Normal blood flow is an indispensable condition for the healthy life of a person, therefore, its violation can cause very serious consequences. One way to avoid these conditions is to take as good care of your heart and circulation as possible.

Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and other substances necessary for tissues and cells of the body. If their normal blood supply is disturbed, then the discomforting symptoms of health problems begin to appear. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that help fight blood circulation disorders.

What Causes Circulatory Disturbance?

Problems with blood circulation can be caused by various factors. Very often they arise due to malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle. The negative effects from blood circulation can lead to problems with the arteries, hormonal imbalance, and some diseases.

Risk factors of circulatory disturbance include:

  • Postponing cholesterol on artery walls
  • Improper diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Frequent stress experience
  • Wearing clothes that are too tight
  • Contaminated environment (contact with toxic substances)
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Symptoms of Poor Circulation

In different people, the symptoms of poor blood circulation may be different, depending on the causes and severity of its violation .

Usually there are such symptoms:

  • Inflammation in the extremities
  • Pain and discomfort in the joints
  • Varicosity and vascular “sprouts” (spiders)
  • Cyanotic skin coloration (cyanosis)
  • Sensation of coldness in the extremities
  • Fragility of hair and nails
  • Bad wound healing
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Constant feeling of fatigue
  • Shivers and cramps in different parts of the body
  • Problems with concentration and memory
  • Problems in the sexual sphere

Plants that Help Improve Blood Circulation

There are plants that help make the blood more fluid, which make it easier to pass through the arteries. Some plants have vasodilating, vasotonic and diuretic effects, which also improve blood circulation.


The bark of the weeping willow contains salicyl, one of the best anticoagulants that nature gives us. To use willow, take 1 teaspoon of willow bark and 1 cup of water and bring it to a boil. Once the pot is at a rapid boil, turn the heat down and let the bark infuse for 10 minutes with a lid. Strain the infusion. Drink within 30 minutes before breakfasts. If necessary, also drink a could hours after lunch.


Meadowsweet is an herb that belongs to the Rosaceae family. The chemical constituent of includes flavone glycosides, salicylic acid, and essential oils. Meadowsweet contains medicinal properties such as astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and analgesic activities.  In the twig, the cotyledon, or the host, also contains anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory substances that help improve blood circulation. To use this plant for better circulation, throw a goblet of gravid into a cup of water. Let it come to a boil and close the saucepan with a lid. Take the mixture off the heat, still enclosed, and let infuse for 10 minutes. Once it’s done, drink a cup of this infusion a few hours after breakfast every day.


Celery helps to improve blood circulation due to its diuretic and detoxic properties. The substances contained in it reduces inflammation and activates urine production, which is beneficial to blood circulation. To use celery as a heart benefit, wash and cut 1 sprig of celery and throw it into a saucepan that includes 3 cups of water. Heat the water. When the water boils, remove the saucepan from the fire and close it with a lid. The celery should be infused for 10 minutes. Drink this infusion to 3 cups a day.


Nettle is a great iron-containing dietary supplement. It also improves blood circulation. Acting as an anticoagulant and a vasodilator. To create a medicinal drink, take 1 teaspoon of nettle and add it to 1 cup of boiling water. Let it brew for 10 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink twice a day until the circulation has improved.

Lime flowers

Linden Flowers have long been used in folk medicine as a means to strengthen the arteries and improve blood circulation. This specific recipe has also been used to help relieve stress and reduce high blood pressure. To make, throw 1 teaspoon of dried flowers into 1 cup of water and let it boil. When the water boils, remove it from the fire and let the linden flowers infuse for 10 minutes. Drink a cup of this mixture each day, a couple hours after dinner or before going to bed.



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