5 Excellent Tips For Battling Back Pain

Girl With Back Pain

Results from problems like slipped discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, fractures in the spine, muscle sprain and strain, osteoarthritis, poor posture, injuries, overweight, and weak core muscles, back pain affects everyone from small kids and teenagers to adults and seniors.

It’s one of those musculoskeletal problems that not only affect you from enjoying your favorite activities but also remain one of the primary reasons for missed work days. It can be utterly hard to get rid of back pain permanently if you have absolutely no idea about its actual cause. Most people, who look for quick relief from it take painkillers, but unfortunately, that’s just a temporary solution. In other words, you can’t only rely on medicines to get rid of your pain; you have to find its underlying cause, to treat it effectively.

Sometimes, people try home remedies to subside their pain, and if you have also been doing that, then it’s vital for you to understand the fact that if your pain doesn’t minimize within a week or two, you should start looking for professional help. Yes, it could be because of underlying chronic disease, and you can’t rely on home remedies for curing it. Therefore, seeking professional help is mandatory.

So, if you are living with back pain, here is what you should do to recover from it.

Seek Physical Therapy

One of the most effective ways of treating back pain is physical therapy. It’s a treatment approach that does not rely on drugs and surgeries to heal your problem, perhaps that’s the reason more and more people are looking forward to consulting a physical therapist these days to seek quick recovery from musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, and foot and ankle pain, etc.

The first thing that a physical therapist does when they meet a patient, they evaluate their overall physical fitness. Apart from that, they also check their medical history to know more about the health of their patient.

It means, your therapist will evaluate your physical fitness in the first meeting. They will devote enough time to learn more about the signs and symptoms of the problem that you are experiencing. And on top of that, they will also check your range of motion and your medical history. They will gain a deep understanding of your problem and will figure out the primary source of your pain.

Once they know the actual source of the pain in your back, they will then create a personalized care plan to address it. They will use the most suitable drug-free technique to subside your pain and treat its underlying source.

The techniques that physical therapists use to treat injuries and illnesses include manual therapy, cupping, and laser therapy, etc. So, in your case, they will pick the one that meets your recovery requirements in the best way possible.

For example, in your case, they might use laser therapy because it treats problems like back pain quite fast.

According to Fyzical Therapy, laser therapy, which you can use with your existing treatment, is a non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free treatment technique that treats a wide range of conditions. It further says that it can heal conditions like arthritis, epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, pain and inflammation, headaches, fibromyalgia, and sprains and strains, etc., apart from back pain.

They may also use manual therapy if you are experiencing pain in your back due to a condition like arthritis because manual therapy techniques like joint mobilization and soft tissue massage, not only help in managing arthritis pain, but they also offer relaxation.

Reduce Your Weight

People with obesity, experience back pain more than those with a healthy weight; therefore, if you are also overweight, you need to shed those extra pounds as soon as possible. You can’t afford to ignore the fact anymore that your weight is putting you in trouble.

The science behind people with obesity experiencing back pain more frequently than those with a healthy weight is, it puts undue pressure on the spine, which eventually leads to back pain.

Apart from causing back pain, overweight also increases the risk of knee pain, high blood pressure that can lead to strokes, heart disease, diabetes, breathing problem, osteoarthritis, and cancers. Considering that it’s so dangerous for you, you must start working towards reducing your weight right away.

Improve Your Posture

Since poor posture is one of the leading cause of back pain, if you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting in a slouched position, you should try to change that habit immediately. When you maintain a slouched position while sitting, walking, and standing, it puts pressure on your spine, which can result in spinal problems that cause back pain.

Again, you can see a physical therapist to improve your posture to get rid of the back pain eventually. Your therapist will teach you a variety of posture correction exercises.

Start Exercising

People doing exercise

There is nothing more beneficial to your overall health than exercising regularly. It not only enhances your flexibility level and improves your range of motion but also boosts the energy level that helps you fight with pain.

Apart from that, improved flexibility also helps in preventing injuries. If you don’t feel like joining the gym at the moment, you can start exercising at home. However, the one good thing about relying on a gym is that your trainer will keep you motivated, which will prevent you from skipping your workout sessions.

Start Doing Meditation

Whether you are struggling with chronic back pain or acute back pain, meditation can help manage it effectively. Apart from reducing stress, anxiety, depression, meditation is also helpful for managing pain because it helps in boosting your energy level.

Besides, it also helps in improving concentration and sleep. So, if you start performing meditation, it will not only reduce your back pain but will improve your overall health.

You can also enhance the intake of healthy food to fight back pain. The foods that you should incorporate in your diet include salmon, soy, turmeric, red grapes, ginger, blueberries, mint, and pumpkin seeds, etc.


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