Have A Healthy Spine With These Significant Tips

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Today, you will find every third person complaining about having an ache in their one or the other part of the body or about health conditions. Moreover, a majority of us lead a busy lifestyle and have hectic work schedules. It has increased stress levels among the people worldwide. As a result, a lot of them have started suffering from several aches, injuries, and health conditions.

One of the most common complaints that you may hear from the people around you is having back pain or spine troubles. There are various causes for that. Increased stress, incorrect postural habits, sleep positions, eating habits, injuries, etc. are a few of them.

According to American College of Rheumatology, “70% of all adults experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives, resulting in more than 15 million outpatient physician visits for back pain alone in a given year. In the US, back and neck problems are the second leading cause of disability and the leading cause of job-related disability, costing Americans more than $50 billion each year.

Moreover, the physical activities you do also affect your body in both a positive and negative way as well. Therefore, if you do such movements that put more stress on your spine, then you should check out for that. If doing these activities increase your pain, then you should stop them.

The neck, back, and shoulders are connected. So, if you have pain any of these parts, the other part may also be affected.

Let us take a look at how you can keep your spine healthy by relieving back and neck pain.


Stretching is one of the most effective physical movements to reduce pain in any of your body parts. When you suffer from back or neck pain, then do some stretching exercises. It will help you release the tension of stiffened muscles and veins.

To get the best results, try to stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning, and in the night before you sleep. It will not only reduce the pain but it will also help you have a good sleep.

According to Anatomix Physical Therapy, “Millions of Americans are adversely impacted by back and neck pain each year. Studies show that, at one point or another, approximately 80% of the U.S. population will be affected by back pain. Back aches and back pain may occur for a variety of reasons. Most people experience back pain as a result of sprains/strains, injuries, lifting improperly, or sitting for prolonged periods.”

Strengthen Your Core

If you want to keep your spine healthy, then one of the ways you can do is to work on your core muscles. Strength training exercises can help you not only relieve the pain, but also avoid back related injuries. If you are going to a gym, then your trainer must be aware of your condition, and you can take their help and work on increasing your core strength.

Use The Right Pillow

Your pillow also plays a vital role in helping you have a better sleep position. If it hurts you or creates discomfort in your sleeping, then you are bound to develop pain in your back and neck as well. Therefore, make sure you choose the correct pillow or else consult with your doctor.

Increase Your Calcium & Vitamin D Intake

Often, with the increasing, you start having aches in your different body parts, and lower back is one of the most common. You may not realize that your decreased calcium level may be affecting your spine health.

So, strengthen your bone health by taking plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Try to include milk, yogurt, and leafy greens as much as possible in your diet. All these are rich in calcium. Fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver, cheese, etc. are rich in vitamin D. Apart from this, you can consult your doctor about the relevant supplements, and start taking them.

Change Your Shoes

You may not be aware that your shoes may be the cause of your back pain. So, change your footwear and wear shoes with low heels.

Improve Your Posture

Maintaining a correct posture can take you a long way in having good spine health. Sitting straight can keep your spine and neck from getting strain. Moreover, if you work on a desktop at your office, then try not to lean on your desk for long periods. It can put pressure on your back as well as neck.

Take Short Breaks

If you are stuck with your hectic work schedules, and your job profile requires you to sit for long hours, then make it a point to stand up every half an hour from your place and walk around a bit. It will help you release the tension of the stiffened muscles of the neck and back. Even while sitting, you can do some smooth and light neck movements to relieve the strain.

Take Help Of Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, spine troubles, or more, then you should not waste time and consult a physical therapist. They are experts in healing aches and pains. The most relevant and suitable physical therapy work wonders on your pain.

Handling Mobile Devices

Today, the use of smartphones has increased, and it is rising more and more day by day. Most of us have the habit of holding smartphones in such a way that it creates pain in the neck and back. We all look down into our phones do our activities. Instead, try to hold your cell phone at the level of your chest or eyes. It will decrease the strain on your neck, which will, in turn, reduce the stress on the back as well.

Living a healthy and fit life is the key to having a healthy spine. Consider the points we discussed above.


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