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Cucumber is a natural nutritious serum for the face, rich in vitamins. Because of the high water content, the cucumber is considered a natural absorbent, moisturizer and a storehouse of vitamins (B1, B2, ascorbic, K, iodine, sulfur). That's why...
For problem skin, coffee scrubs will become a real lifeline on the way to beauty and health. The advantages of this ingredient are quite a lot Source of antioxidants and vitamins; Activates the natural production of collagen; Leads the...
Nowadays, natural methods have evolved, and we want to show you the best way to rejuvenate your face, especially the contour of the eyes. This cream is very easy to make, and you should not worry about any side effect...

Sage for Skin Rashes

Sage - a universal folk ingredient, suitable for any type of skin. It is used as a lotion for the affected areas of the skin, in the form of a decoction for washing, as a basis for tonic or...

Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best bactericidal and drying agents commonly used in cosmetology. Despite its insecurity, the right percentage of peroxide allows you to quickly get rid of black spots and acne. Peroxide of hydrogen for the...
Fish oil is an indispensable folk remedy. It helps to improve the appearance and enrichment with a full set of vitamins, which is rich in fish oil. It is used not only for the preparation of masks, but also...

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