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Means for face and hair care, the domestic and foreign cosmetology industry offers so much that sometimes it is not easy to choose the most optimal. Advertisers amicably argue that all these funds are made entirely of bio-components. But...
Herbal remedies, including those for skin disorders, are becoming more common as research started to show scientific evidence on its effects. Herbal treatment, particularly with the use of Celandine, and other alternative medications can be extremley useful during the...
Fish oil is an indispensable folk remedy. It helps to improve the appearance and enrichment with a full set of vitamins, which is rich in fish oil. It is used not only for the preparation of masks, but also...

Facial Care Tips

There are quite a few ways to look after the face of the house without resorting to the use of cream, tonics, scrubs and other cosmetic products. Folk remedies are a unique opportunity for the face skin to have...
Unfortunately, aging causes our skin to inevitably loses its elasticity, resulting in bags under the eyes, wrinkles on our face and other unpleasant markings. Women often dread these lines and would do anything to get rid of them. Nowadays, medical...
In the home medicine cabinet and in the kitchen there are products that are useful when applying various cosmetic procedures. Potato . Rub the raw potatoes on the grater. Grated potatoes (1 teaspoon) are mixed with flour and milk (in...

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