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Bacne – Acne on Back

The topic of this article will be entirely devoted to such an undesirable phenomenon for every person as pimples on the back. After reading the work presented below, you will be able to find out the root cause and...
The composition of milk is the ingredients for your beauty To begin, let's find out what vitamins and trace elements contained in milk will be useful to your skin. Vitamin A : Useful for dry and sensitive skin; necessary for the...
What exactly milk will be useful to your skin 1. Milk improves the color of the face The recipe is very simple: apply milk on the face and neck, leave for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Even at this time...
If the skin is prone to acne, you need to use a means to wash it. It is necessary to wash not only after removing makeup, but with oily skin - in the morning before it is applied. Any...

Sage for Skin Rashes

Sage - a universal folk ingredient, suitable for any type of skin. It is used as a lotion for the affected areas of the skin, in the form of a decoction for washing, as a basis for tonic or...
For problem skin, coffee scrubs will become a real lifeline on the way to beauty and health. The advantages of this ingredient are quite a lot Source of antioxidants and vitamins; Activates the natural production of collagen; Leads the...

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