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Aloe vera is one of the most useful plants for our health. And it is not surprising that they are known all over the world! Aloe vera is the best natural remedy that we can only offer to our skin . But besides this, aloe...
If you have blurred vision, eye fatigue, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, among other pathologies that are detrimental to your vision - you should be very attentive to the prescription that we will give you today, because after that your eyes...
Do you have pain in your arms and joints? Do this and say goodbye to this pain ... Pain in the hands and joints can be caused by various factors, so most people immediately resort to conventional medications that promise...

Sage for Skin Rashes

Sage - a universal folk ingredient, suitable for any type of skin. It is used as a lotion for the affected areas of the skin, in the form of a decoction for washing, as a basis for tonic or...
We seem to hear of digestive disorders more commonly in today's day and age, most likely due to the make up of the food we consume and other stress factors. The fact of the matter is, digestive disorders can...
This collection presents the most effective recipes using nasturtium for the treatment of various diseases. Prescription 1. A remedy for the treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes Take the entire plant nasturtium (except the roots), rinse, dry, drain through...

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